Ferment the Remaining Time I 企圖醃漬剩餘的時間

“… nostalgic had an amazing capacity for remembering sensations, tastes, sounds, smells, the minutiae and trivia of the lost paradise that those who remained home never noticed.”

—Svetlana Boym, The Future of Nostalgia


Several forgotten jars of pickles were discovered in the kitchen after everyone had moved out of my childhood home. More than just foods that have been preserved for years, these jars also held the memorable aroma of growing up in a traditional Hakka (1) household. I placed 16mm film strips inside these jars of perilla plums, aged radishes, and fermented tofu. After over a year, the sunset images of my childhood home captured on those film strips marked time imprinted by the acidity, alcohol, and salt in the food, representing my futile to prolong their lifespan.

(1) Hakka is a language group that originated from the northern provinces of China. Hakka cuisine is known for the use of preserved meats, tofu, and vegetables characterized as salty, fragrant, and umami.





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Work Info

  • Title: Ferment the Remaining Time
  • Year: 2019-2022
  • Medium: 16mm film, perilla plums, aged radishes, and fermented tofu.
  • Length: 1:08 minutes


  • 作品名稱:不癒之境
  • 年份:2019-2022
  • 材質:16毫米膠卷、豆腐乳、黑色菜脯、紫蘇梅
  • 尺寸/長度:01分08秒