Three Suns | 三個太陽出版計劃

In 2017, shortly before I departed for the Arctic Circle Residency, I watched Olafur Eliasson’s talk at NYC Public Library. Towards the end of the lecture, he showed the newly launched Little Sun Diamond, a portable solar-powered lamp, from his pocket and played sunlight that he stored from Berlin to the New York audience.

This gesture of recording and reactivating the distant sun inspired me to utilize this solar-powered lamp as a tool to archive ephemeral moments in the format of light. Since then, I have collected decreasing sunlight in the Arctic Circle, the midnight sun in Iceland summer, and the last sunset from my no-longer-existing childhood home in Taiwan.

These three slices of sun have propagated into nine multidisciplinary projects. By utilizing the book as a form, I intended to transform these projects into sequential stories that interweave the subjects of human desire against the backdrop of the delicate northern landscape, memories eaten by termites, the degraded images on fermented film strips, and the fertile act against the natural flow of forgetting.

Books as tangible objects can be carried on the move, stored in the dark, and reactivated with actions reflecting on the processes of collecting “Three Suns”, which can also break the limitation of physical borders during this rather uncertain era and provide an intimate space for the readers to reflect touch, and unfold.

(Three Suns project will be published in the Summer of 2022)







Special Thanks To

  • National Culture and Arts Foundation of Taiwan, The Arctic Circle Residency, SÍM residency, Studio Olafur Eliasson & ACT Programme


  • 國家藝文基金會, 北極駐村單位與同仁, SÍM駐村中心, 奧拉佛·艾里亞森工作室