Touching the Rumble of Melting | 觸摸融化的喧囂

“When the glaciers begin to melt the earth trembles at the gushing vehemence of engorged rivers. Water is thrashed out of the ocean and thrown in the air, whole fields of water are blown out of lakes.”

by Roni Horn


This 16mm film installation resembles my experience during the Arctic Circle Residency when the seemingly silent polar landscape suddenly melted and disintegrated in front of us. The tremble of the earth reshaped our beliefs and the gunshot-like rumbling sounds shot directly into our heartbeats.

This piece utilizes images of the arctic iceberg and creates a collage onto the soundtrack of 16mm film at approximately 2.5mm high. After the “optical soundtrack” of the film projector transforms the iceberg images into audio, the sound is again converted into vibration frequency by the tactile speakers. The speakers are attached to an aluminum plate and produce rumbling sound and vibration in response to the size of iceberg images. As the whole film the structure moves with the smallest of stimuli, this reflects how the global environment intertwines with the fragile polar landscape.



Work Info

  • Title: Touching the Rumble of Melting
  • Year: 2022
  • Medium: 16mm film leader, 16mm film projector, sound mixer, tactile speakers, photo prints, aluminum sheet.
  • Dimensions: Size variable


  • 作品名稱:在顫動中融化
  • 年份:2022
  • 材質:16毫米透明膠片、 16毫米投影機、混音器、觸覺傳感器、鋁板
  • 尺寸:尺寸依場地而定