Traffic Jam Residency ProjectI 塞車駐村計畫

International project-based collective

TRAFFICJAM is a project-based collective that unites international artists in an urban environment. Intercultural collaboration and communication through artistic engagement is one of the goals for the group. Sharing a common interest in the medium of experimental video, the group was created to collaborate and to inspire one another while exchanging ideas through the creative process.

trafficjam #1 Casa Das Caldeiras, São Paulo, Brazil (2009)

is the first edition of the project, that intends to migrate internationally. During November 2010, 10 artists from 7 different countries undertake an art residency at the Casa das Caldeiras, in São Paulo, and develop the works exhibited at the Espaço Matilha Cultura between 01 and 12 of December.

trafficjam #2 Treasure Hill Artist Village, Taipei, Taiwan (2012)

was based at Treasure Hill Artist Village (THAV) for three months (January till March 2012). THAV is an unique historical village part of Artist-in-Residence Taipei (AIR Taipei). It provides a platform for a diverse cultural collaboration across artistic disciplines encouraging exchanges between International and Taiwanese professional artists. Through an intense period of residency, living and working together, each artist created a video project in response to the wide range of social, cultural and political issues.

trafficjam #3 Lichtenberg Studios, Berlin, Germany (2014)

was hosted at the Lichtenberg Studios in Berlin for intensive one month residency where all the participating artist collaborated to accomplish one public video project “Herrenreiter” and producing and screening the ECVP #4: Porn and Politics.