Bedtime StoriesI 床邊故事

The project was created in Treasure Hill Arts Village Residency, Taipei, 2012

Artist: Nung-Hsin Hu & Pila Rusjan

The project springs from two artists’ own experience of loneliness in a foreign country and at the same time discuss the paradoxical situation of increasing solitude in a world characterized by intense communication aided by modern technologies. The interactive book and bed make up the audiovisual installation that creates an intimate and pleasant atmosphere, where visitors can browse through the book and choose their bedtime story. The stories that are projected onto the bed are presented in different forms and blur the line between reality and dreams.


  • Storytellers: Nung-Hsin Hu, Pila Rusjan Stina Pehrsdotter, Kim Dotty Hachmann, Bruno Penteado, Jorge Bachman, duo EYES (Sunny Su and Yannick Cariot), Jing-Jing Wang, Ji and Yin Meemalai, Pierre Chen
  • Interactive book production: OpenLab.Taipei ( Akinori Kinoshita, Dieter Hsu, Ling Zong Ting and Honki), Knjigoveznica Jaka Zdešar, Fotolito Dolenc and Mr Tine Ribic