Corpus Callosum

“Corpus Callosum” is a site-specific interactive installation reveals the challenges of the dual roles as an artist and arts administrator from the lens of Physiology. The installation includes a pair of cocoa plants, LED grow lights and sensors, plus two single channel videos. I utilize the walls in between the admin office and gallery space is to represent the function of Corpus Callosum which locates the center part of brain and controls the communication and transmits neural messages between the two hemispheres. Having the dual roles as an artist and arts administrator demand different sides of the brain that are distinctly specialized between verbal thinking vs. visual thinking, logic vs. creativity, and analysis vs. imagination. The installation also reveals how brain and body is cross wired, therefore one side of sensor will trigger the other side of LED light and make the communication neural system grow in order to consistently switching in between roles.

Watch Corpus Callosum Video

Art Asia Pacific Review by


  • (1) Site-specific Interactive Installation
  • Medium: mixed media (Coconut plants, LED grow lights, motion sensors)
  • Dimension: size variable
  • Year: 2017
  • (2) Video
  • Corpus Callosum (Game Night)
  • Medium: single channel video
  • Duration: 01:43 minutes
  • Year:2017
  • Corpus Callosum (Phonetic Words)
  • Medium: single channel video
  • Duration: 02:12 minutes
  • Year:2017
  • Photo by: Huang Kuo-Heng