This ongoing project represents the Artist’s cultural confusion and her difficulty in establishing an identity as an Asian female immigrant artist. Food is an important expression of the culture so she chose sushi, an Asian food, as her subject. This installation mimics the fake food models that are used in restaurants to attract potential customers and to arouse imagination and illusions about real food. The artist transformed human bodies into objects resembling fake plastic food. The viewers’ confusion between reality and illusion resembles the way she is perceived by others in this foreign society.

一個人對自我的認同,常取決於與他人的互動以及他人的觀點評價。在國外生活幾年的經驗中,深深感受到因文化和語言的隔閡,讓身為一個亞洲女性的我,在給予他人錯誤假想的觀中,面對建立真實自我身分的困難。此作品是透過自己和其他亞洲女性的身體,結合表演與裝置藝術,試圖表現出介於「假象」與「真實」之間的差距。 我選擇利用「食物」一個普遍代表著文化和國家背景的素材為創作主軸。 當人們走過店家前,看見陳列櫥窗內的「假食物」後,在腦中想像出來對於「真實食物」味道的現象為發想。我以真實的身體,扮成陳列於櫥窗內的商品食物,試圖引發觀者產生相對於「真實味道」的「虛幻假想」錯覺,以表達我在異國的文化社會裡,他人給與的假想和刻板印象中,尋求真實自我身分的困難。(某些表演場地的櫥窗相隔於觀者與表演者之間,顯現出文化與語言的隔閡以及阻隔真實接觸的狀態。)


  • Title: SUSHI
  • year: 2010-2017
  • Medium: Mixed media (Hand Painted Costumes, Foam, fabric, LED light)
  • Dimension: Variable
  • Performance Revenues: 2010 Site Festival(Bushwick), 2012 Dumbo Festival(Dumbo), 2014 Passport to Taiwan(Union Square)


  • Performers:
  • Lydia Wei, Kashimi Asai, Nung-Hsin Hu
  • Make up artist:
  • Tsuyoshi Sekimoto
  • hoto Credit:
  • Kuo-Heng Huang, Chenta Yu,kengi Mori, Jane Kratochvil
  • Special Thanks to:
  • Wen Wen Lin, Patric Huang & Sharon Huang