Half Moons

Half moons is a mixed media installation, comprising various elements that each represent a component of hope under the current uncertain time. The edible planter box was inspired by the artist’s involvement in the Venaissance group, a community mixed of housed and unhoused individuals, working collectively to find solutions for the Venice Beach neighborhood formed during the pandemic. The experience has broadened the definition of home from the stationed structure and placed hope for tomorrow through the act of growing mobile gardens.

Another element of the installation utilizes the roof structure extending from the artist’s studio to the gallery space. Two half-moon shape plexiglass mirrors with half of the Chinese character 圓- circle also represents togetherness were carefully installed on the separate ceiling beams. Only when the viewer sees through the round mirror and adjusts the perspective to a particular angle, the separated halves could be returned to a full circle which represents the process of adaptation and the act of projecting hope to the future.


  • Medium: A planter box with edible plants, LED grow light, Plexiglas mirrors, timer.
  • Dimensions: Variable
  • Year: 2020

Special Thanks To

  • Sultan Sharrief, Najla Sharrief, and Venaissance team (@_venaissance_)