Sponge Mushrooms | 海綿樹菇

“Language and virus share many basic traits and qualities: mimicry, contagion, infection, repetition, replication and deception. They both work through techniques like grafting. They both tweak basic meanings.” by Laurie Anderson


The sponge mushroom sculpture was inspired by my childhood home in Taiwan. When the rainy season comes the walls are not only damp and moldy, but mushrooms also grow. This project uses mushrooms, a medium between plants and animals, between death and life, to express the imagery of rebirth through words in the corners of forgotten and withered memories.

The text in the sponge mushroom sculpture comes from a collection of quotes that inspired the concept of the “Three Suns” publication project including the subjects of Time, Memory, Film, Nostalgia, and Arctic Phenomena. The text was hand-printed on vintage onion skin paper and inserted into the upside-down dry sponge mushrooms representing the spores of the mushroom spreading and reproducing silently in corners of the room as well as in between pages of the book.

Download Mushroom Sculpture Text List Here


「海綿樹菇雕塑」的概念,是來自經常漏水的台灣老家,在雨季來臨時牆壁上不只潮濕發霉,甚至還長過香菇。此計畫利用菇菌類這種介於植物與動物之間、 介於腐敗與重生之間的媒介,表達在被遺忘和凋零的記憶裡角落裡,透過文字重生的意象。海綿樹菇雕塑裡頭的文字,是來自過去兩年多在創作《三個太陽》出版計畫的期間,啟發作品概念的閱讀蒐集。把文字手工印置在古董打字機使用的半透明洋蔥皮紙上,再安插入倒置的乾燥海綿樹菇裡,將文字像菇菌的孢子一樣呈現,在角落裡默默地散播和繁衍。







  • Title: Sponge Mushrooms
  • Year: 2019-2022
  • Medium: dry sponge mushrooms, vintage onion skin paper, archival ink
  • Size: variable (Individual size approx. 7x5x1.5 Inch and there are 50 mushrooms in total)


  • 作品名稱:海綿樹菇
  • 年份:2019-2022
  • 材質:乾燥海綿樹菇、洋蔥皮紙 、永久性墨水
  • 尺寸:尺寸依場地而定 (單個樹菇大小約為18x13x4 公分, 共50個)