Until Further Notice

Until Further Notice” reflects the starting moment when the coronavirus turned into a worldwide pandemic due to many international leaders overlooking the virus outbreak warning signals, also when the fear was redirected to Anti-Asian racism and how it affected the life of world-wide Asian communities.

This video ” is part of ECVP [Exquisite Corpse Video Project] Volume 7- the Artist Agitator,  an international online collective project coordinated by Kika Nicolela since 2008. ECVP was inspired by the Surrealist creation method, the “Exquisite Corpse” and using the semi-blind, sequential method of the surrealists’ game,  and all participating artists create video art in response to the final ten seconds of the previous member’s work. Each member is asked to incorporate these seconds into their piece, creating transitions as they please, until everyone’s vision is threaded together into an instigating final “corpse.”

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  • Medium: Single Channel Video
  • Length: 01:40 min
  • Year: 2020