Why North?為什麼去北方?

This video project was created during the Arctic Circle Residnecy, Svolbard, 2017

“You might go north to find yourself, or lose yourself or simply be yourself.”

(Going North Roni Horn, by Gary Indiana)

“Why North?” is a three-channel video, including the footage that the artist documented from the Arctic Circle 2017 Autumn Expedition in Svalbard- a Norwegian archipelago in the Arctic Ocean. A total of 40 participants and crew sailed in a Tall ship along the west and north coast of Svalbard and reached Muffin Island (80° 01′ N 14° 30′ E) as the Northernmost point, which is only 111 km from the North Pole.

The artist juxtaposes the carefully planned routine activities with the responses to the unexpected incidents that arose during the journey, including being trapped by the ice pack in the Zodiac and crossing a partially frozen river to reveal the ambiguous relationship between the “explorers” and the delicate High Arctic environment, the intertwined connections between each participant’s single action to the whole group experience, and the hidden purposes of going North in both individual and collective level.

Watch 「Why North?」 Video (5 min excerpt)




  • Title: Why North?
  • Year: 2020
  • Medium: Three Channels Video
  • Length: 13:00 mins


  • Camera and Editing: Nung-Hsin Hu
  • Sound Mixer: Sung Ting Yang


  • Crew:
  • Captain: Joachim Schiel, First mate: Mario Czok, Second mate: Piet Boorsma, Service manager:Jana Maxová, Chef: Sascha Hühn ,Service: Monika Hiller, Veronika Baresova, Ala: Elzbieta Mrowiec.
  • Project leader: Aaron O'Connor, Expedition Leader: Sarah Gerats, Guide: Kristin Jæger Wexsahl, Guide: Sally Hovelsø, Guide: Marte Agneberg Dahl, Dog: Nemo
  • Participants:
  • Amelie Laurence Fortin, Annique Goldenberg, Ashleigh Goh Hua, Alan Campbell, Caroline Landau, Chelsey Flood, Claire Dibble, Caroline Hinkley, Devra Freelander, Emma Varga, Hannah Scott, Hildur Jónasson, Himali Singh Soin, John Henry Blatter, Iveta Vaivode, Jillian McDonald, Julie Kusyk, Kazuko Kizawa, Laura Noel, Michael Wallace, Mita Mahato, Pete Froslie, Alexis Rider, Brandon Holmes, Chih-Chung Chang, Debbie (DJ) Lee, Nanou Blair Gould, Ren Zi, Sheng-Wen Lo.

"Why North?" is made possible by

  • The Arctic Circle Residency
  • Jerome Foundation Travel and Study Grant
  • Taoyuan City Government, Cultural Affairs Bureau Visual Arts Grant