Three Suns | 三個太陽出版計劃

(Lenticular printing mounted on hardcover 光柵精裝封面)

In 2017, a few days before I departed for the Arctic Circle Residency, I watched Olafur Eliasson’s talk at the New York Public Library. Toward the end of the lecture, he took out the newly launched Little Sun Diamond, a portable solar-powered lamp, from his pocket and lit up the dimmed lecture hall with sunlight he had stored from Berlin a week ago.

This act of metaphorically holding sunlight from a distant place ignited my own sun-collecting endeavor. In the span of three years and in three different places, I collected three sets of sunlight: the dwindling daylight from an absurd adventure out on the Arctic Sea; the final gentle melancholic sunset before bidding farewell to my childhood home in Taiwan; and the twilight-summoning midnight sun in Iceland’s white nights.

The three slices of sunlight emitted from solar energy-converted electricity were then captured on 16mm film, and with the images projected, the dissipated sun slowly rose again, and nine stories then emerged under its reflection, where they also illuminated rooms echoing the dialogues with three talented artists/writers.

By utilizing the book as a form, I intended to transform these projects into sequential stories that interweave the subjects of human desire against the backdrop of the delicate northern landscape, the fertile act against the natural flow of forgetting, and the internal freedom summoned during the midnight sun.

The 24 frames of the sun on a 16mm film strip artwork presented on the last page equates to one second in movies, giving a snippet of the past that can be held in hand by the readers, and seeing the film against light, an ambiguous outline of the next journey might emerge.


300 Limited Editions |12×5 Inch |140 Pages |Hardcover |Swiss Binding |English & Chinese

Each publication includes a 24-frame film strip providing an intimate moment for the readers to reflect, touch, and unfold.

The three different lengths of pages were designed according to the average daylight length where the sun was collected in three different locations.







  • 《三個太陽》將參與紐約 MONO NO AWARE 16th Film Arts Festival

限量300本 |30.5×12.5 cm| 140 頁| 精裝|瑞士裝訂|中英文對照



Chapters 章節名稱

Arctic Circle 北極
The Land Without Return | 一去不復返的地方

(1)Why North?| 為什麼去北方?
(2)Touching the Rumble of Melting | 觸摸融化的喧囂
(3)Encountering the Absurd Guests | 遇見荒謬的訪客

Taiwan 台灣
Incurable Nostalgia | 不癒之境

(4)Who is Still Wandering Between the Atrium and Corridor? | 是誰還徘徊在天井和走廊之間?
(5)Hidden Medicine Buddha Sutra Within the Termite Nest | 藏著藥師經的白蟻窩
(6)Ferment the Remaining Time | 企圖醃漬剩餘的時間

Iceland 冰島
Midnight Sun | 午夜夕陽

(7)How to Summon the Night to Return? | 如何召喚黑夜降臨?
(8)The Clocks are Not in Unison | 兩個時鐘
(9)At the End of Route One | 一號公路的盡頭

Sponsor 贊助單位

National Culture and Arts Foundation of Taiwan


  • Text: Debbie Lee, I-Hua Lee, Nung-Hsin Hu, Alex Nichols
  • Design: Happ Design
  • Photo: Brandon Holmes, Nung-Hsin Hu, Sheng-Wen Lo
  • Translators: Hui-Fen Anna Liao, Nung-Hsin Hu
  • Editor & Proofreader: Huei-Cian Gao
  • English Editor: Emily Brandt
  • Printer: Jih-Tung Art Printing Co.Ltd
  • Paper: Cherry Paper, Auspic Paaper, Jinn Yang Paper, Inter States Paper
  • 撰文:Debbie Lee、李依樺、胡農欣、Alex Nichols
  • 設計:和圃數位文創有限公司
  • 影像:Brandon Holmes、胡農欣、羅晟文
  • 翻譯:廖蕙芬、胡農欣
  • 潤稿&校正:高慧倩
  • 英文編輯:Emily Brandt
  • 印刷:日動藝術印刷
  • 紙材:采憶紙業、恆成紙業、竣揚紙業、聯美紙業
  • 2022年10月初版
  • First Edition October 2022
  • ISBN: 978-626-01-0414-6
  • Printed in Taiwan

致謝 Acknowledgements

  • 北極圈駐村計畫──2017年秋季工作人員和團員The Arctic Circle Residency Program (2017 Autumn Expedition Staff & Cohort)、伊莉莎白基金會SHIFT駐村計畫──2018-19工作人員和參與藝術家EFA Project Space: SHIFT Residency (2018-19 Staff & Cohort)、SÍM駐村計畫──2019年6月工作人員和參與藝術家SÍM Residency (2019 JUNE Staff & Cohort)、奧拉維爾.埃利亞松工作室Studio Olafur Eliasson、MONO NO AWARE、cacao 可口雜誌、傑羅姆基金會The Jerome Foundation、紐約皇后區文藝協會Queens Council on the Arts (New York)、桃園市政府文化局Cultural Affairs Bureau of Taoyuan City Government

特別感謝 Special Thanks

  • 陳韋晴Chen Wei-ching Joanne、郭心芯Sin Sin Kuo、大衛.莫非David Murphy、徐璐Erica Sheu、曹良賓Liang-Pin Tsao、吳梓安 Tzuan Wu