The Texture of HomeI家的肌理

This project is part of “Incurable Nostalgia” solo exhibition created during the artist residency at the 18th Street Art Center 此計畫是於18街藝術中心駐村期間完成,並為「不癒之境」個展的一部分

While the artist’s family was moving out of her childhood home, she found a huge termite nest in the cabinet where she had stored letters, cards, and paper notes since she was a child. The termites actually have co-existed with the house for over 25 years and have grown and decayed with the family. Those stored words and memories have been eaten and transformed into the texture of home. The process of making this piece also includes sanding the drafting film’s surface which merges the backing wall’s texture with the form of the termite nest.

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  • Medium: Ink on drafting film
  • Dimensions: 13x3 ft
  • Year: 2020


  • 材質:透明製圖膠片
  • 尺寸:13x3 英尺
  • 年份:2020

Speical Thanks

  • "The Texture of Home" is part of “Incurable Nostalgia” solo exhibition generously supported by Taiwan Academy in Los Angeles, Ministry of Culture, Taiwan, and 18th Street Art Center.「不癒之境」感謝文化部、洛杉磯台灣書院、以及18街藝術中心的支持與贊助